The exhibit is open and accessible any time the airport is open.  This one-of-a-kind display with the very first U.S. military training plane and a modern jet that is a current trainer will show the world Wichita Falls’s unique history and proud commitment to our armed forces.  And given that Call Field was the forerunner to Sheppard, “Jenny to Jet” will also serve as proof that history has a direct link to our present day lives.​

The Jenny to Jet Exhibit is located in the Wichita Falls Regional Airport (4000 Armstrong Drive--map below).  The "Jenny" part of the exhibit commemorates Call Field, the United States Army Air Corps training camp in Wichita Falls during WW I, and the main attraction is our genuine Jenny biplane.  The "Jet" side features Sheppard Air Force Base, and the main attractions are a T-38 jet and a jet engine from an A-10.  Use the buttons to learn about the history of Call Field and our Jenny.  


The exhibit includes a Model-T Troop Carrier and a Model-T Staff Car such as those used at Call Field. There are also WW I uniforms and equipment, multimedia displays, and more.  A stunning and unique feature is a mural by Kim Ward of the Headquarters building, hangars, and flight line at Call Field. In addition to the T-38, the Jet side will also have multimedia displays showing the history and current missions of Sheppard Air Force Base.