Main Exhibit

A View From Above: Aerial Photos of Wichita Falls​​

  • Thanks to the Wichita County Archives, we have 42 aerial photos of Wichita Falls from the 1920s and 41 from the early-mid 1970s.
  • To complete the timeline, RSP Drone Photography will provide present day views of the locations in the other photos.
  • ​The exhibit will also feature then-and-now views of the Call Field area and views of the 2015 flood.



Current featured exhibits

​​​Sweeney Family

  • It is not just famous people that make history. . Clarence Sweeney and his children illustrate this fact. Through their service and accomplishments, they proved that "regular" people and families often have a major impact on the world around us.
  • ​Military service, supporting war efforts at home, service to the church, engineering excellence, and more constitute the history of the Sweeney family, and we have that all on display.

Emil Hermann exhibit

  • ​Emil Hermann was a successful artist who spent much of his life in Wichita Falls.
  • In one room we have 10 of his portraits, and there are three more portraits on display elsewhere in the Museum.
  • ​One of those portraits is of Larry Domino, who was not a person, but a prize-winning Hereford bull owned by J.S. Bridwell.  We are in Texas, after all...

The Mad Medics

  • ​This Dixieland Jazz group formed in 1965 and is still playing today.
  • Some of the members were medical doctors, and that fact inspired the group's name.
  • ​In addition to providing great music here and all over Texas, the Mad Medics' mission has been to raise scholarship funds for medical and music students

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